Why Fund Raise with Sunset Gourmet?   Everyone Eats! 

Easiest fundraiser with a HUGE profit margin!!!

MMmmm Mmmmm

  The Sunset Gourmet fund raising component offers four unique & delicious collections, which come all neatly delivered in a re useable tote – from fudge & caramel sauce to soups & breads. There definitely is something for everyone on your “giving” list. 

The profit margin to the organization is based on the combined sales.  This can be a very profitable fund raising opportunity, while offering a high quality, delicious and affordable gourmet product line.  This is a very easy fundraiser to put in place, as all you need to get started are the order forms and maybe a sample to taste so you know how incredible the Sunset Gourmet flavours are. 

Sound appealing?   I would be happy to meet with your committee, show you a fundraiser package and go over any other details.    If you think you MAY be interested but want to “taste test” first …please let me know and I will send/bring some sampling items for your next meeting!!!

Please email me at 
breannesunet@hotmail.com for more information.