Host the Ultimate Party!!
                 Can’t book a show? Show a catalogue party and get the same hostess benefits!

Host your own Sunset Gourmet party, and your home will come alive with the aroma of freshly baked bread, the laughter of friends and family, and simple yet delicious meal ideas your whole family will enjoy!

Experience all kinds of delicious new foods from appetizers to soups to desserts. You and your guests will get to taste-test up to 18 products!
Plus, you'll receive free recipes and see how Sunset Gourmet products can make you look like a cooking and entertaining expert.

The Host Rewards are excellent with each Host/Hostesses receiving FREE products based on the sales of the Tasting.  As well as items at 1/2 price for every party booked at your tasting. 

On an average $500 party you would receive $75 in free product

NEW! More Free Products - Earn FREE products with our new host reward program - it's richer and more satisfying than ever before!

JULY offers incentives for our Hostesses - Earning 50% MORE free product !  You can "party in a basket" and take it anywhere to share...or have me into your home for a fun "evening in" sharing deliciously foods & new flavours.  Book your  show today and EARN more!

For LESS than $12. have your friends & family over for a Sunset Gourmet Taste Testing Party...You & your guests will sample  full size servings of a Dessert, Beer Bread, Soup, a Cheese ball,  a variety of dips, Raspbery Honey Mustard, Peach Mango Habanero Salsa, all of the marinades/sauces and much much more.  We take the guess work out of Partying!  Our Host Rewards are generous with each Host/Hostesses receiving FREE products

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